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Webshops, apps and digitalisation - these are not the core competences of a bakery. With Bakeronline, we have a strong partner at our side who reliably supports us in these fields. The enthusiasm of our customers and our statistics show that we made the right decision!

Laurence Gérard

Fournil du Pays Blanc

Our webshop really helped us to boost our sales. Moreover, it's an easy tool to manage and our shops work more efficiently.

Sébastien Grimaud

Maison Grimaud

Since I have a personalized webshop of Bakeronline, I have been able to expand my customer base. People like the convenience and speed of ordering online!

Yoan Jeannot

Albert Chocolatier

What we offer


Reach new customers, increase your turnover and work more efficiently.


A website is your digital business card. We can help you create it or integrate our webshop into your existing website.

In-Store Order Processing

ISOP allows you to process orders made by phone, in the shop, ... digitally via your in-store webshop.


Bakeronline increases your digital visibility. Reach modern customers wherever they are!

Did you know?

Every 5 minutes a new order is placed via Bakeronline.

Your client orders online in 1 minute and you have the order overview in one click.

Your client can safely pay online via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, ...

An online order is 4x bigger than an in-shop purchase on average (22€).

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Attract the modern consumer

Nowadays, consumers want to buy goods in a convenient and quick way. They like the advantages of ordering online. Approach them with an offer they will love: a webshop. You can also benefit from being ranked higher in search engines and your presence on Bakeronline.

Do what you do best

Work smarter, not harder. A webshop can help you organize your order processing as all orders will be processed automatically. Every day you’ll receive a list of what you need to make and when it gets picked up. In this way you’ll save time and you can do what you do best: creating delicious goodies!

Consumers buy 4x more online

Consumers tend to buy more when they order online. They are at ease and don’t feel the pressure of the queue behind them. At Bakeronline, this is reflected in an average basket of 22€ per order, as your existing customers will buy more and new customers find their way to your (online) shop.

Match production with demand

All orders will be processed automatically. You will receive them and will be able to concentrate on your core business: manufacturing delicious goodies! You will always know what to produce in advance.